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14 Feb

Things to do in Port-Harcourt This Valentine (the Remix)

You didn’t think I would stop with just one right. You didn’t think that valentine’s day is a female holiday only. Although we guys hate the holiday a lot, it is more of a hate born out of the cries of our wallets (let us have a moment of silence for our soon to be empty wallet). The truth is that valentine’s day is a holiday where you show appreciation to your special one. Thus, we too would love to feel special. Body no be fire wood na, men need some good loving  too. Keep in mind just as iron sharpeneth iron, love sharpeneth love. Love breeds nothing more than more love.  Love sits at the top as one of the greatest feelings on earth. It is secret, sly, dark, pungent and at the same time light.

When guys fall in love, it is like a hundred different feelings that drives us crazy. It brings about an optimism that may seem foolish and an over confidence that is dangerous. Guys falling in love means losing our sanity and surrendering independence. That may sometimes come off as irritating for men pride themselves on their individuality. (za mumu button). Guys willingly commit themselves to derision when they fall wholly in love with someone but that doesn’t matter for those who mock do not know and those who know, are silent. So how can you show this man who has abandoned his sense of self just to love you? Don’t worry I am here like the North Star to show you the way.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Full disclosure, guys actually love it when bae mothers them. We like dey form hard too much but we’re soft and mushy on the inside. There is a reason that all men  regardless of age, position and muscle mass love their mothers to death, she worked, cooked and always made sure we were loved and cared for.  
She does all this without expecting anything in return. Seeing us smile is a marvellous gift for her. So go ahead and mother him, let him have breakfast in bed while you sit beside him caressing his face lovingly. However, be careful, like someone crossing an Diobu road in the rain, be alert, for an excessive kiss may be the kiss of death. In other words, no mother am to death abeg oo.

2. Gifts

Yeah, guys would love some gifts as well. We really don’t care what you get us most of the time we don’t even know what to get ourselves. So go ahead surprise us, something nice. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t mind a Mercedes Benz though.  




3. Try Your Hands at FIFA


FIFA has been the bone of contention in relationships. Boyfriend mysteriously disappears after work and doesn’t answer his phone? Don’t worry he is playing FIFA with a friend. Dinner, trips to the cinema, picnics and nightly visits cancelled without any reason why? Don’t worry he is playing a tournament game where money may or may not be involved. Does he suddenly not  have time for you and is not in the mood to ravish your body like the animal he is? Don’t worry he is thinking of how to deliver a vengeance most holy on that friend that beat him 5-0 yesterday. Don’t worry it is not a side chick but at the same time we don’t know why we’re so addicted to it. So why don’t you pick up a pad and challenge bae to a FIFA game this valentine.

4. Prey for him

Yeah this is the most important titbit I can share. This is what we live for literary. We dream about it at work, on fifa, while we eat, while taking a bath, etc. You see we want it we crave it the way the lion craves the antelope. So why don’t you indulge us? Allow us to prey on you for we’re the preachers and we would be grateful for it. After all, the lion is always grateful to have the antelope in his arms right?  

P.S A couples night out in Landmark hotels would blow his taste buds honey!!!

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