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13 Feb

A Gentleman’s Valentine

Gentlemen, valentine’s day is here whoop whoop. A day where lovers, and multitudes of people worldwide show their love and appreciation to their partners. Although it can never be our favourite holiday, we have to suck it up for all our ladies for they love am like sey tomorrow no dey and so since we no get liver, we have to show our ladies a good time even if our wallet go feel am on February 15th. 

Indeed all men should be thankful for your lover because she is the soigné that make your boring life a bit bearable. Even if life gets a bit hectic the thought of her is your only succour and in your mind the very poetry of your soul, she is always there teasing you with her serene beauty for she is Eden, no other garden can compare. She is the pacific, no other river can compare and after a debilitating day at work, just a simple smile from her will wash away all the stress. So why not treat this goddess to a memorable time and damn the cries of your wallet?

To be honest with you, I think Valentine’s day is a useless day. I don’t even know why a holiday  based on spending was invented. It sounds illogical and stupid, I know sey I no be the only person wey get this feeling sha however, women love it and that is reason enough for us regardless of what our wallets and we may think.


So here is a guide to a perfect valentine’s day.

1. Wake Her Up to a Thoughtful Gift

Hope you no think sey gift no go dey? What is a valentine’s day without gifts? Thus, wake her up to a thoughtful gift. Keep in mind that I said thoughtful not expensive. A thoughtful gift can be cheap and it shows her you know her down to her intimate needs and wants. An expensive gift is only for the shock and awe and may fade in a year but a thoughtful gift stays with her and she will find herself loving you more than ever before. Little drops of water can never make a mighty ocean but it helps.



2. Cook Breakfast Together

Yes, the kitchen may be her fortress of solitude but that should not stop you. Get in there and help, make a game out of it, make silly mistakes in there. Who knows she might tell her friends “You won’t believe what my man did today”. I like when them dey gossip good things about me oo I know sey I no be the only one.

3. Go to a Movie or Something

Take her to Genesis for a movie night and just so you know, she gets to pick the movie while you get the popcorns and the drinks so be prepared to watch a sappy Romcom like chief daddy with her while your mates watch cold pursuit or glass.

Do not fret though, at least you get to cuddle with her.

If by the grace of God she lets you choose the movie, the author would like to recommend a horror movie. Why? Because it is scary and you can feel like superman saving your Louis. I do not want to assume but women crave protection, it is in their nature. Why do you think that Bathsheba married David although he was perving on her through the window? It is because she knew he will grant her the stability and protection she needs. So go ahead, show her that you are man enough to protect her even if it is a stupid horror movie.

4. Have a Date Night

As the day comes to an end, add a little spice with a date night. You can have it at home and you could cook. Variety they say is the spice of the night. But if you can’t cook and don’t want to fall your hand, Landmark hotels should be your best friend because they have saved your sorry ass.  They’re hosting a couples night out don’t kill the vibe and just kukuma carry your bae to Landmark jejely.


5. Play husband and wife in the ‘other’ room

Yes, it is night time and your hard work is finally going to be rewarded. She knows the effort you put in to make the day special for her and she will appreciate it the way she can. So go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Keep in mind though, tomorrow na work oo.

There you have it, a five point agenda to make the love of your life feel special (as if she is not already special enough to love a schmuck like you). And to those of us who never get our special lady yet, I can only say this, oluwa go shower his blessing unto you in the mighty name of Jesus. Now go and spend the night by yourself.




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