4 Worlu Street, off Olu-Obasanjo Road, D/Line, Port-Harcourt.

18 Oct

Landmark Hotels, Port Harcourt Fortress

Today, the world is a global community as a result of vast exploration of Smart Phones, but just like the Layman said “In Hospitality, the media view of a place and Durable Comfort Experienced Therein are Different, Until my Journey In Research Led Me to the discovery i least expected.

Landmark Hotels Port Harcourt Ace In The Hole! A Fortress In Port Harcourt!! A Haven In Africa!!!

A theorist, Henry David Thoreau said “this life is not for complaints, but for Satisfaction”

I agreed completely at the Discovery Of Landmark Hotels Port Harcourt, “The Port Harcourt Finest”. A Stealth Built Fortress with the most enterprising Capacities and a Serene Atmosphere, Well Organized Staff Management, Customer Friendly, The Hallmark Of Satisfaction in Hospitality, above all A Perfect Home Away From Home.
Visiting Landmark Hotels in my expression is a Pretty Penny For Your Comfort.

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