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How to roll Eba to make it look fancy and presentable

3 Dec

How to roll Eba to make it look fancy and presentable

Something about making how we serve our food appear nicely is that it makes it inviting and irresistible.

Food packaging is twice as important as the taste and quality of the food itself. Right?

The truth is as beautiful and valuable as a thing might be, it doesn’t always look appealing to the human eye until you’ve given it some sort of beautiful, neatly done finishing.

Nigeria has got so much nice and tasty dishes that a good number of us underestimate and probably toss into a corner when we go to one of these fancy eateries to get something to eat probably because we feel too packaged to dig into such meal in public places.

Well, guess what? Our foods’ got their own style and packaging as well. You just need to be creative with these foods and learn how to style them.

So today’s food for style is our local Eba. Packaging this great delicacy in the nicest way possible will make anyone and everyone fall in love with it.

Anyway, let’s get to it. How to roll Eba.

Things you need

1. Rolling pin

2. Transparent nylon (the one you use in wrapping swallows)

3. Chopping board or any flat surface


1. Make the Eba. I’m sure we all know how to make this meal as it is one of the easiest food any Nigerian can make.

2. Open one of the sealed ends of the nylon so that you have just a single layer.

3. Spread the nylon on the chopping board or on a flat surface.

4. Scoop the Eba on the nylon (at the middle).

5. Use another nylon to cover the Eba.

6. Take the rolling pin and roll it out to form a rectangular shape.

7. Take out the nylon on top of the Eba and use the one underneath to fold/roll the Eba till you get to the edge.

There you go! Well packaged Eba rolls.


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